Half-Life – A Novel (unpublished)

What The Fish See by Celia Meade
Painting: What the Fish See, Celia Meade

Half-Life tells the story of Yolanda and Moses Medium, an ordinary couple who find themselves in the middle of an ordinary life: they’re fundamentally unhappy, and afraid to admit it.

After all, they should be happy. They’re living an expat life in old Europe, Yolanda is a promising artist, and Moses works in a challenging job damming Holland from the waters that threaten it. So what if they haven’t had a real conversation in a year, or that it’s been raining for two. It’s just a phase,his muscle twitches and garbled speech, her migraines and skin rashes, not to mention his habit of walking around while still sleeping,it’s all part of life’s precious balance. You take the good with the bad.

It all seems manageable until Yolanda is run down by a speeding cyclist. Their “happy” life unravels, as a journalist bent on preserving the culture of “Old Holland” uses the accident to incite public outrage against the invasion of foreign technology (such as speeding mountain-bikes), and Moses convinces himself that Yolanda is having an affair, perhaps even with the cyclist who ran her over.

Join them in their heartbreaking and sometimes comic struggle to discover what or who might make their lives real again. Will it be Aaron van de Toren, the infamous “gadget-maniac” who befriends Moses, and whose comic antics belie his real schemes? Or will it be Prijs van der Tijdrit, the cyclist who ran Yolanda over, and now having lost his house, his job, and his family, returns for love. Or revenge.

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Spirit Boat by Celia Meade
Painting: Spirit Boat, Celia Meade
Following Seas by Celia Meade
Painting: Following Seas, Celia Meade